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Terms of use are essential to every website which desires to function in appliance with the law and to provide safe services to its users.

They are a legal text that bounds both the user and the site owner in order that obligations and rights are well known and unequivocal to both parties.

Their existence in some cases is mandatory by the law and in some types of websites. Thus in order to ensure the professional and… profile that each site desires there must be general terms of use that explain the way the site functions and its liability to its users.

The creation of these Terms of Use is a legal work that requires a lawyer. The malpractice of copying and mixing various terms of use from various sites is illegal and mostly leads to legal issues as the administrator or whoever creates them ignores basic legal matters and the applicant law to each website according to its subject.

The basic division from legal part is through the criterion of user registration. Through this Terms of Use differ accordingly to the kind of data that these sites gather, their content and their interaction with the site.

Terms of use exist not only to ensure users’ rights but the website’s as well. So, in each text I add special terms on copyright regarding the software, the source code, the database and even the design and content of the website



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