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Domain names are a modern phenomenon deriving straight from the internet.

Till now the legal world new only of brand names and trademarks. Now a new commodity has appeared that applies only to the internet; domain names.

Domain name is the verbal equivalent of a numeric group that defines the identity of each computer, at the time it connects through a server to the World Wide Web. As these numbers are hard to remember, we replace them with a verbal/grammar term of one or more words. This word(s) is the address we type in our browser in order to visit that website.

The name used for that address cannot be random or be left without legal arrangement; it is the electronic company name, the electronic trademark.

In Greece, EETT is the National Regulatory Authority, which supervises and regulates the telecommunications as well as the postal services market and is in charge of .gr top level domain names as well.

EETT has a number of decisions and the regulatory framework for registrars and on the procedure of registering a domain name.

Apart from EETT, in the last few years conflict deriving for the use of domain names in Greece can be resolved through civil procedures.

In all this legal complexity surrounding domain names the answer lies in the proper legal support. The first step is the proper registration in compliance with the trademark or brand name of the company/businessman.

Of course when the matter is already in court or in an extrajudicial state it is absolutely necessary to have the correct estimation of the case based on the applicant laws and the Hellenic court decisions. Once more above all lays client’s interest so as to be able to avoid a long, useless and expensive legal procedure or to ensure the best and fairer ruling.



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